Bennett Bay, Mayne Island Eelgrass Survey

Our first eelgrass survey on Mayne Island was a big success. We had a full crew, the weather and hospitality were fabulous and we accomplished all of our primary and secondary objectives for the weekend.

Our dive team consisted of Tom Lightfoot, Greg Fee, Peter Pazdera, Mark Comeau, Annette Spreeuw, Jill Yoneda and Andrew Hogan. We were joined by some local kayakers, including Leanna Boyer, the project leader from the Mayne Island Conservancy Society. Both ...

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Second Annual Christmas Tree Decorating Event

The Vancouver Apneist Freediving Club had its second annual underwater Christmas tree decorating event on December 6th. Like last year it was raining and we had only four divers who were brave enough to brave the 7 degrees Celsius water. However, we had much more shore support than the last year and we were able to actually get the tree pointing upright and decorated.

Big thanks to newcomers Ed and Sarah for rounding out the ...

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2009 Club Calendars now on Sale!

The winners of our first annual calendar photo contest have been determined. The calendar has been designed and will be on order soon. All club members who are paid up by December 7 are entitled to a free calendar. For all others, they are available at a price of $10 each and can be purchased using the button below:

As a preview, here are the photos that will be featured in the calendar:

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2nd Annual Pumkin Carving Contest

The Vancouver Apneist Freediving Club held its second annual pumkin carving contest on October 25th. After a couple of last-minute cancellations, four contestants braved the chilly water to carve their pumpkins while holding their breaths: Nikkey Ward, Greg Fee, Andrew Hogan and Tom Lightfoot. There is a photo gallery of this event. Club members of the club are invited to vote for their favorite and the winner will be announced next week.

See below for ...

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Capilano River Salmon Dive

On October 11th, five members of the Vancouver Apneist Club slipped into the Capilano River to view the salmon run. Despite the relatively poor visibility, we were able to see a large number of chinook and coho salmon. This was the first time for most of us in the Capilano. We found that the best way to view the salmon was to descend as quietly as possible down to the river bottom and then hold ...

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Underwater Photo Contest

We are having an underwater photo contest for the 2009 Vancouver Apneist calendar! You can submit your entries into the Calendar Contest gallery and the winning photo(s) will be chosen at the end of the month. The deadline for submision will be October 25 /08. The only requests are that the photo is taken underwater locally (in B.C.) and that the pictures have good enough resolution to ...

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Blackie Spit Underwater Cleanup

On Sept 21 /08 the Vancouver Apneist Club teamed up with Ocean Pro Divers, the Friends of Semiahmoo Bay and a few other volunteer groups in a joint effort to clean up Blackie Spit.

Everyone met at 10:00am when registration with free coffee started. After that the organic cotton t-shirts and lunch tickets were handed out. In water time wasn't until 12:00 so there was enough ...

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Welcome to the new website!

Welcome to the new website of the Vancouver Apneist Freediving Club! This new site is more dynamic, more interactive and shows you at a glance what is happening with the club. There are also several exciting features for club members:

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About Vancouver Apneist Club

Freediving, or breath hold diving, is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

The Vancouver Apneist Club is largely made up of a group of freedivers that reside in and around Vancouver. The purpose of the club is to host competitions, encourage people to train safely together, offer support and mentorship within our ranks and, of course, to enjoy the exhilarating sport of freediving!

Through our e-groups we are able to ...

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Ogden Point Breakwater

On July 26th, several members of the Vancouver Apneists boarded the 7am ferry to Victoria. Our aim was to dive the famous Ogden Point breakwater. At the breakwater we were joined by several other divers from Victoria and Saltspring Island. In all we had 16 freedivers in the water. It was the best attended club event so far.

The breakwater is an excellent dive site to bring beginners because it is easy to get in ...

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